Government Edict Number 422255/233a

Dear Sir/Madam,

we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new computer-based communication service that can be used to connect and communicate with other citizen/stakeholders. The system is available through the Internet and has a range of powerful features including a public notice board which allows you to broadcast messages, as well as more private means of communication like chat and direct messaging.

The Service is completely free to use for all citizen/stakeholders — all you have to do is navigate to the sign-up screen in the URL included in the pass card issued with this letter and enter your personal details.

Once you have registered for the Service, you can access all of the rich and powerful functionality designed to make your life more enjoyable. Amongst other things you can use it to:

1. Broadcast your most personal and private thoughts;
 2. Share details of your main daily activities, e.g. work, holidays and events like weddings, funerals and birthdays. 
 3. Connect with all family, friends and acquaintances;
 4. Upload all personal photographs;
 5. Indicate which brands, products, services and content that you like;
 6. Tag other people in all your photographs and indicate their relationship to you.

Registration for the Service is mandatory — you have to sign up within 14 days of receiving this letter, and while daily use is not mandatory, you are required to engage in at least two of the above activities in any one seven-day period. (Section 239 part I para 34/4 of the EULA outlines the full range of your legal content publishing obligations and sanctions for non-compliance). In addition you are required to access the service using your real name, identities are regularly checked and anyone found not to be acting under their own identity will be subject to a range of sanctions outlined in the End User Licensing Agreement (section 176, part II paragraph 45/6a) that can be found in the ‘Background’ section under the ‘Other Information’ heading of the website.

The Government and it’s commercial and security partners will have full access to all your data, however, as I’m sure you can appreciate, a full picture of the thoughts and actions of all citizen/stakeholders is essential so that we can run the Government more effectively. After all, if we know what you’re thinking and what you need we can much more effectively optimise the citizen/stakeholder experience. And if we know what criminals or those who seek to threaten our National Security are thinking and doing, then we can much more readily protect your and everyone’s security.

We believe that this new Service, combined with the ongoing market-driven reforms and recent genetic passport laws will benefit all citizen/stakeholders by increasing our prosperity as a nation, bringing people closer to one another as well as helping to protect our national security.

And, as we know, when citizen/stakeholders benefit, we all benefit. And when we all benefit, citizen/stakeholders benefit.

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