Tony Romo

As soon as I got the Dallas Cowboys stream going last Thursday night, a site of Tony Romo laying on the ground in pain was the first image that greeted me.

“You’ve got to be shittin’ me.”

The first words out of my mouth.

Here we go again. The 2016 regular season for the Cowboys has yet to begin and we are talking about Romo’s health — on every TV show, Twitter, Radio Show, you name it. Seeing Romo walk off the field under his own power, somewhat up’d my hopes. Seeing him toss the football on the sideline and begging to go back in, brightened them even more. Yet, I knew something wasn’t right. I saw the quick camera shot of him sitting on the bench, wincing in pain.

The Cowboys organization was quick to jump to the conclusion that Romo was “ok”. Hell, I don’t think they even took an x-ray last Thursday night. Was it because they didn’t feel the need to, or, because they were scared to? My heart goes with the latter.

So, here we are. It’s looking like the Cowboys will open the season with a rookie Quarterback and Running Back. I am one of Romo’s biggest supporters and I hate to see it go down this way, but maybe this is not the worst thing that can happen. After all is said and done, if Romo truly misses 4–6 weeks (which “Cowboys Break” reported based on conversations with people within the organization), it may be a blessing in disguise. Dak Prescott can start the first two-to-three games of the season, get his feet wet in real (non-preseason) football action, and then hand the reigns back over to Romo.

The sad reality of it is, the Cowboys are most likely going to need Prescott again at some point this year. It’s important for him to get some staring reps. Romo is just not 28 year old Romo any more. At 36, I find myself thinking “Whew. Good, he got up.” after every single hit he takes. When you have to think that about your team’s starting Quarterback in the NFL, it’s not good.

With Prescott, I can at least say I have a little more hope than I did last season. My girlfriend (who has season tickets to the Packers) has suspended me one year from going to Packers games, for the things I had to say to Matt Cassel during last year’s game. It was not pretty. And neither were his football skills. This year, the Cowboys will have a healthy Dez Bryant on top of a stacked running back depth chart to help Prescott out and inch him along. Just give the guys opportunities to make plays and they will. You can’t judge much from the preseason, but you can sure judge if a Quarterback is capable. I don’t see any other Quarterbacks tearing up this pre-season like Prescott is, do you? Go ask the Eagles or Rams how their top two draft picks are playing. If Jared Goff or Carson Wentz was playing like Dak Prescott is this pre-season, people would be saying that their team is set for the next ten years.

With that all being said, I won’t be shocked if Romo is the Cowboys starting Quarterback in week one. The guy is a damn warrior. He would roll himself out there in a wheelchair, if it meant him being able to play. People may doubt the guy’s durability, but one thing you cannot doubt is his toughness. The window of Tony Romo winning a Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys is closing, and closing fast. I know it, you know it, the media knows it, and most importantly; he knows it.

I would not bet against him being out there when the Cowboys play the Giants on September 11th.

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