is Jay Garrick savitar!

Only read if you watch the flash on the cw! So last episode Barry went to the future where he saw his future self, Cisco, killer frost, and everyone else except for iris because savitar destroyed her. Sadly wolly is in a wheel chair and in a state of shock! It was whatever he saw the night when he went to go get revenge on savitar that did it. Anyway so let’s look at the evidence, I have a picture of the back of who savitar is. It looks like Ronnie but it also really looks like Jay Garrick. Think about it doesn’t it makes since that it would be Jay! Now Ronnie would make a lot of since but maybe it might be to obvious, Jay is to nice and saved wolly from the speed force. I think he saved wolly to so barry that he can’t be savitar. One more thing, the savitar in the comics looks different then savitar in the show so the comic savitar has boots that look almost just like jay’s boots in the show. Who do you think it is and why, tell me in the comments.

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