The Runaway Techie: part 1

Jack Wilsion was on the Apple website about to buy The iPhone 7, but then he realized that he needed a iPad! Jack was a techie as you can tell, an apple techie! He loved tech but he didn’t have alot because he couldn’t afford them. He pretended to buy new phones but he is stuck with his iPhone 4. His inspiration to love tech was the one and only Jony Ive! He would do anything to meet him, and I mean anything! One day his mom and dad went on vacation and left Jack there in the old house they own. When they left, Jack sat on the couch and played battlefield 1. While he was playing he was thinking about how it must feel to work for apple! Then he paused the game and went on his phone to look up where the apple headquarters is, it was in Cupertino. Where he lived! Jack cursed loud and then said “ let’s go find Jony!” That’s when our story begins! Jack got his phone and his imaginary Apple Watch to go! He packed his bags and went off into traffic! He got into alot of traffic with the very old car he ownes. He couldn’t wait so he drove pass the traffic jam, bumping into cars and getting chased by the cops. Then eventually got pulled over by them. When the cop came up to his car he was wearing a Apple Watch! Jack got so caught into the look of it he didn’t pay one bit of attention to the cop. So he got a ticket that was doubled because he didn’t pay attetion. He couldn’t afford a phone how can he afford this! This was the least of his problems! Then he looked in front of him and saw Jony Ive in a car! To be countinued……..

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