Snapchat’s “Major Key” to unlocking a new universe.

Me feeeeeelingggg it. (mojo mask app)

Has Snapchat already sparked true augmented reality?

Snapchat has the chance to be the main canvas and operating system for the augmented reality industry. 100 million people a day are now jumping in and out of different characters and skins while using augmented reality as a daily tool and most of them don’t even know what “AR” means. Snapchat has already normalized a fringe technology that most people still think is years away from being adopted.

Scrambler Body Suit from A Scanner Darkly
They rolled this out a few months later and for a lot cheaper

Are geo-filters the foundation for creating customizable digital realities?

Alongside face filters, the launch of customized geo-filters last month has some enormous implications. This is not only a fantastic monetization strategy (a million times better than charging consumers for replays) but it also opens up the platform and the conversation to creators, developers, and businesses, which is where the true potential lies for Snapchat.

Snapchat’s Geofencing Map feature.
Happy Birthday, Sarah! (Snapchat’s Custom Geo Filters)

A few questions I’ve been day-dreaming about:

What happens when…

  • you can create more than just a 2-d filter, and you can start to create customized 3D objects that can exist within that geofence?
  • everyone is walking around with those Snapchat sunglasses or even Snapchat contact lenses? (they probably don’t even need to own the software)
  • brands aren’t just creating content for people to watch, but they can start to create their own digital universes that overlay on our existing world?
  • Nike starts paying a shit load of money for the geofence around the Olympics? Sure they can create USA digital masks, but what if they start leaving digital assets all around that geofenced area with product demos, augmented reality games, and their own digital version of the stadiums physical architecture? Will we get to choose which branded reality we want to live in?
  • Uniqlo sells a t-shirt that’s receptive to Snapchat’s glasses and can display an ever-changing digital skin? (I made an Ipad handbag with an app a few years back which was my attempt at an analog answer to this vision of the future)
  • I want to geofence central park, create a bunch of Pokemon and invite my friends to come play real life Pokemon while we run around with our Snapchat sunglasses battling each other while we catch 'em all?




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