How Facebook is slowly eating the rest of the Internet
Washington Post

Buzzfeed had reactions long before Facebook.

Having features is not the problem for many people. Most people aren’t startup founders and VCs with a product to sell (probably trying to sell their company to Facebook though, not their product to consumers). What matters more is where the content is and how easy it is to share it outside Facebook’s network.

I recently tried to include a band’s Facebook post as a link in a gig review I wrote on Medium. Finding the URL was difficult. I think I had to use the embed button and then get the URL out of that. In one sense at least it was sort of accessible, but they weren’t making it easy.

As for Snapchat, the sooner it goes away the better. The UI is awful. Someone said ‘imagine using Twitter by going to each of the accounts you follow individually’. And that’s just the friends’ stories side of it. Reading messages without realising they’re gone as soon as you stop reading them is really difficult.

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