who still refuses to download the Messenger app
The Future is Without Apps
Donny Reynolds

I know some people are needlessly outraged about Messenger’s permissions, but there are valid reasons for not wanting it. For me, Messenger is just sitting on my phone taking up space I want to use for photos and pictures. I know there are all sorts of reasons it was split out from the main FB app, but I don’t need the platform, I just want to send my wife some photos and even then she prefers to get them in Whatsapp. If there can be a barebones web client, why not a barebones client inside the main FB app. Messenger has some cool features, but the UI is a bloated, confusing mess that’s totally off-putting for new users. For me, the craziest thing is that it uses web views for Facebook content instead of attempting to render it using Facebook’s own presentation code like from the main app. I know it would be wasteful to have two apps with the same code, but the thing is, both apps are 100MB on iOS, so they’re both far bigger than they need to be anyway.

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