I’m sorry that you read this and believed this piece to be about, or even a defense of Mike Brown.
Drew Jones


You really seem to be an exceptionally talented and passionate writer. Unfortunately you, like many many others, have decided it’s acceptable to write whatever opinions you may have based on nothing more than half truths and bias you may have read from other exceptionally talented and passionate writers. I would guess that years from now when you have actually experienced life’s real truths and real lies you will read your own prior writings and be a little embarrassed.

Too many individuals today have opinions based on zero facts and only based on personal bias and in your case, racism.

Yes I said it. You probably are a racist. To parallel what happened in Rio with what happened in America is such a stretch only a hater could come up with.

Forgive me for being this insulting but someone has to make a stand and say what needs to be said. Your have been misguided.