Gary Vee And Me (Chapter 2)

My Three Month Journey With Gary Vaynerchuk…Continued

Grab from @Garyvee Twitter — Gary I want to do that for you. What can I do for you?

Just to recap this is a quick multi-part story about my journey over the past three months interacting with, learning from, and getting to know Gary Vaynerchuk; whether he knows it or not.

Who knows a job might come out of it…

Be sure to read the first sections if you haven’t already to hear how the story began.

Part Four — The Competition That Has Changed My Life

The FB Post from Daily Guru —

The Call To Action

On day 6 of the 10 — day video challenge I received a Facebook notification from my friend in the Southern Highlands, Emma. She had tagged me in competition post to see Gary Vaynerchuk in Sydney at a two-day business conference. Gary would be in Sydney for only eight hours.

I received that notification on the 13th March, and the conference was on the 15th.

I didn’t find out that I had actually one the tickets until 8pm on the 14th. Yet, I would be lying, if I didn’t say I thought that whole day I thought something might happen, after I entered.

I just felt like I was going to win those tickets. All I had to do was share why I wanted to see Gary, and basically I shared the express version of the story I’ve outlined above.

3am Wake Up, Torrential Rain, Twitter, Snapchat; Worth It

The conference was in Sydney; a three and half hour public transport trek from my place in the country.

So I got up at 3 am the next day, and made the commute. When I arrived in the city at 6:30am, it was pissing down with rain. Absolutely pouring, and I had decided to take my bike with me.

As I’m riding in the torrential rain, through the city, I was Snap-chatting and tweeting just as Gary had taught me.

My Google Maps got me lost, (somewhat to be expected), but after a solid hour of bike riding in jeans mind you I arrived at the conference.

Part Five — Business Armageddon

Tweeting Gary At The Conference And Becoming A School Girl

Promotional Poster from the conference

I reckon I was the youngest there by about ten years, at least the average age. This doesn’t include Caleb Maddix, an incredible fourteen year-old, success speaker.

I had never been to a business conference, marketing summit, whatever it was before, and I had no idea what to expect.

I knew Gary would be talking around 3pm that day, so I decided to send him Snapchats and Twitter updates throughout the day.

I sent him one twitter update, which was actually a short nine-second video of the crowed; with the caption “They’re all here for you Gary”.

You should have seen my astonishment and excitement when I found out only a few moments later that @AskGaryVee had actually liked, and re-tweeted my post.

I was like a schoolgirl that had just received a tweet from Justin Bieber. Embarrassing I know.

So I decided to make a quick video on twitter to say thanks, which also got re-tweeted and liked. The day was starting to get interesting.

Hungerford Hill Wine: WTF Is Happening?

Label for Hungerford Hill Wine — Hungerford is my last name

During one of the breaks, I went up to one of the presenters to say thanks for what they shared and taught.

As I was waiting to speak to Glenn Twiddle, a lady handed him a bag with a bottle of wine in it.

The label of the bag was “Hungerford Hill”.

For those of you who don’t know, Hungerford is my last name, and my family owned that vineyard based in the Hunter Valley, when my father was still a boy.

This day was getting weirder by the minute.

I grabbed a quick Snapchat with Glenn, and let him know that this day was starting to freak me out.

Given the build up the whole thing something interesting was starting to happen; too many coincidences for this not to mean something.

More Interactions with Gary

Grab from my Twitter Account

By the time Gary was due to arrive at the conference centre, I had interacted and engaged with him on Twitter and Snapchat, about half a dozen times. I was totally stunned. #AskGaryVee, even started to follow me!

Here was a man as famous and as busy as him, responding to little old me’s tweets, and snaps. Truly humbled.

When Gary followed me back on Snapchat that day, I had only six followers, and had been on the platform for two days! That reminds me, follow me on snapchat@johnhungerford.

Miraculously, at the very moment that he arrived, I had just walked out of the bathroom. I managed to say a few words of gratitude for the interactions throughout the day, and he was more than gracious to connect.

I managed to secure prime position as he walked out on to the stage. I felt like a fan girl, something I’ve never felt before. I snap-chatted his entrance, and video recorded his entire talk. It was something special.

Gary; A Man Of Integrity, Empathy, And Presence

Gary’s Latest Book — #AskGaryVee

The thing that stands out the most to me from that experience of interacting with Gary that day was his integrity, his empathy towards my journey, and myself and towards all in his presence.

His humility, which I don’t think many people understand; his level of understanding around self-awareness, and his wisdom for all things entrepreneurship and the connection between the three.

To top my day off even more, I was given his latest book “#AskGaryVee” for free by Glenn Twiddle, I passed and interacted with Gary once more this time in the lobby an hour after the Q & A was done, and I then went back to my Girlfriends house to have some night time fun. I was just stunned by the day.

Part Six — Time To Anchor It All

It’s Not Over. Time For Anchor #Lifechanging

I’m now going to fast-forward, two days from that event.

It was Friday morning last week (18 March), and I decided I should get on Anchor, a new social media platform that is been dubbed the radio for the people.

Think twitter, but just audio, where you get to speak for a minute and have conversations with each other.

Gary had suggested it on one of his podcasts a few months back, but I hadn’t explored the app until now. It just hadn’t felt right yet.

I’m not sure what drove me to try it out that day, but I’m so grateful that I did. For I firmly believe that my experience on Anchor has, and is, changing my life.

@GaryVee “Who Wants A Job?”

Snapshot from @Garyvee — Twitter of Anchor Post and Question

Not knowing how the app worked, I figured the most intelligent thing to do would be to follow Gary himself, and see how he used it.

So I typed in his name, clicked his profile, and saw his first wave.

Imagine my surprise when I saw what it was titled?

“Who wants a job?

I couldn’t believe it. After everything that had happened, after everything that was now in my awareness around this man, the first wave that I am about to respond to is a potential job offer to be the first one at VaynerMedia to get hired off Anchor.

My heart was racing. I didn’t know what it meant, and I still don’t know. All I knew was that I had to respond to it.

Just In Shock: What Has Just Happened?

I didn’t respond, there and then, I waited for the ferry trip into the city that I was on to end. I got off, found a quite spot to stand, and recorded my wave response to Gary’s question.

I was one of about twenty respondents at that stage. The question had been live for about 6 hours.

I had a minute to speak, and this is roughly what I said.

Hi Gary, it’s John Hungerford, from Sydney Australia. I’m a former corporate auditor where I lasted about two weeks at Earnst and Young. It just wasn’t for me.

I then went on a journey of figuring out how I would share my truth with the world. It led me to become a life coach, spiritual teacher, and health coach.

Now all of a sudden though, in only the last three months, you have been coming into my awareness and I am returning to my original love and passion, that being develop entrepreneurs and investing in them.

You build businesses Gary. I build people, who build businesses. I don’t know what all of this means, but I know that I would jump on a plane and move to New York City in a heart beat if it meant learning from you. Thanks and have an awesome day.”

At least I think it was something like that.

Here’s my actual answer:

I Guess I’m Just Following The Thread

I couldn’t believe what I had just done.

Some how all of this just made sense, and it seemed completely normal that this was where things were going to head after all that had occurred leading up to this point.

There was just a feeling about it.

Part 7 — Gary Your Community Is One Of A Kind

Vaynernation, The Anchor Community, In Gratitude

Grab from @GaryVee Does this look like a man who cares about his followers or not?

It’s now been five days since I responded to Gary’s question.

Since then, I have interacted with, engaged with, and built relationships with incredible people from all over the world, all thanks to Anchor and in particular Gary’s question.

It seems at this stage, that there is incredible energy around the man Gary Vaynerchuk.

Vaynernation, his fans as they (We) are known, are passionate individuals.

Considerate, grateful, self-aware, and hard-working.

We want what’s best for this planet and for ourselves. We understand what true success is, and what true hustle is. We understand what unconditional love is, and we understand that to run a business it must be built on the passion to serve others.

To Vaynernation, to Gary Vee, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all.

You are all truly special and I am honoured to be a part of the community. What you are all doing is truly remarkable and the way that you are doing it in 2016 is equally special.

Part Eight — Gary I Want That Job!

How Can I Serve You?

Taken from:
Yes I am Gary!

Gary, if the offer to work at VaynerMedia is still on the cards; it would be an absolute honour to have my application considered.

I don’t know exactly what it is I can do for you, your brand, family, and ambition (mission) to own the New York Jets, but I know I can help you. I know that I am here in service to you and I know that it is what I truly want.

Thank You All And Much Love :)

Thank you so much for reading everyone!

I look forward to sharing more about my journey and life experiences with you all in the future.

Please be sure to check out Anchor and Gary Vaynerchuk if you haven’t already done so.

With sincere gratitude and love,

John Hungerford

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