Gary Vee And Me (Chapter 1)

My Three Month Journey With Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

This is a quick multi-part story about my journey over the past three months interacting with, learning from, and getting to know Gary Vaynerchuk; whether he knows it or not.

Who knows a job might come out of it.

Read to find out more…

Part One — Paradigm Shift

You Think You Know Someone

Three months ago the name Gary Vaynerchuk meant only one thing to me; annoying.

I had heard about him a number of times throughout my short entrepreneurial life, hearing him interviewed on shows like Lewis Howes, and Pat Flynn.

I didn’t need to hear about hustle anymore, and how you have to work eighteen-hour days to get ahead in life. I thought I new what Gary was about.

Boy, was I about to have a paradigm shift around this social media expert.

Snapchat — Not Just Dick Picks Anymore

My friend Zac and I were chilling in his ‘man-cave’ one afternoon talking about how we could expand our reach and message of holistic health to a wider audience. Zac for the past month along with our buddy James had been talking about Snapchat continuously.

I didn’t have time for something childish like that. Yet, when we sat down that day to talk about how do we get our message out there more, the answer was Snapchat. Zac insisted that it’s where everyone is and will be going in terms of personal branding and story sharing.

I thought it was stupid, and had vague memories flash in my mind of my mate at uni, Aidan drawing dick picks on the nine-second video app. I was strongly against using the platform and didn’t have time to waste.

Zac suggested we watch a Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube video.

I’m Just Ultra Spiritual

I don’t remember exactly which one it was, but I think it might have been an episode of Daily Vee. I didn’t really pay attention. After all, I thought I was ‘ultra spiritual’ and connected to all, and because of that spending anytime on social media away from the ‘real’ world wouldn’t align with me.

Gary’s Daily Vee: Gratitude, Family, and Self-Awareness

I remember hearing Gary talk continuously about gratitude and family that episode. He would travel around New York, visit his family’s wine business, go to his meetings at Vaynermedia, answer questions for his podcast, and interact with everyone that he passed.

For those of you who don’t know, Daily Vee is a video blog, which explores the life of Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerMedia, four-time New York Times bestselling author, family man, and future owner of the New York Jets. It is raw, authentic, and in that moment shook me to my core.

Hooked On Gary Vee: Becoming A Fan

The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast

I can still picture myself, sitting on the couch at Zac’s in his parents basement, which was / is dubbed the “Incubator of Success”, and just being awe struck. I was sitting right on the edge of my seat, as I would tell Zac, to pause the episode every now and then, as I butted in and gave my ten cents worth.

“See what Gary means by this, is that the key for any entrepreneur to be successful isn’t only hustle but a great deal of self-awareness. That’s exactly my message man!”

I think Zac got sick of it after a while, because before long I was watching all the episodes of Daily Vee, listening to the AskGaryVee podcast, in which Gary answers questions from his fans “Vaynernation”, on all things Entrepreneurship, Self — Awareness, Social Media, Family, The New York Jets, and anything else of interest. I was starting to become hooked.

Part Two — Building My Personal Brand

Learning How To Do What I Want To Do

Grab from @Garyvee twitter

Two months later, after that first interaction, I was starting to implement Gary’s strategies for personal branding.

This was exactly what I needed in my life at that time, as I was at a place, where I new what I wanted to do (guide other’s to live their truth), but I just didn’t know how.

I had spent the last eighteen months, since I quit my corporate job experimenting, with how I needed to get my message of knowing thyself as the key to all success out there to those that needed it most. I had done life coaching, I had done spiritual teaching, I had written a book (still a draft), I had studied Holistic Health Coaching, yet, neither of these felt right.

It wasn’t until one morning around six-am; an advertisement on my Facebook feed popped up, it was for Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal branding course on the online education platform, Udemy.

I believe the course was $80 or so, but I, been the cheap skate that I can be, found I coupon that meant I could have it for $20. And I am so grateful that I bought it. That course has truly changed my life and I owe it everything for where I am right now in my journey.

Identifying And Going All In On My Core Strengths

See unlike what I was expecting, the course wasn’t just about how to brand yourself on social media, rather, it was more about needing to understand and go all in on your core strengths.

It was about understanding your DNA, understanding how to best express yourself and share your personal story and passion with the world.

Amen Gary — Preach To Me Brother

After the first two concise, and informative videos, I knew this was something special, and that Gary Vaynerchuk was on the same wavelength as myself. In particular, his YouTube special titled “Self-Awareness”, truly resonated with me.

He was preaching to the choir so to speak.

I began to refine and understand my core strengths more and more. Going through old school reports, talking to friends and family on Facebook and face to face, to discover what mine where.

Gary Is A True Teacher

For me, it wasn’t so much about discovering what my core strengths were and are that was fascinating. Rather, what was, was my total shift in my understanding and appreciation for who Gary was as a human being, as entrepreneur, and has a teacher.

It felt like, I tapped into is true essence, from which all his ideas, understandings, and wisdom stem from. It was truly special.

Time To Cash In On My Passion And Crush It!

I bought the audio book Crush It, Gary’s first book, and was blown away. Listening to some chapters three-four times already.

It was about how to cash in from living and expressing your passion authentically with the world.

My passion as I said earlier was coaching people one on one, guiding them to know themselves, and understand who they truly were, and from place, guide them to create what they are here to create.

Now, in all honesty, I had no idea how I was going to share that with the world.

Thanks to Gary though, I quickly realised that the best way to share it with the world was to share my journey and path through online video, as to how I came to this place of self-awareness.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Part Three — Expressing My Truth

10-Day Video Challenge: #Lifechanged

My friends, Zac, James, Natalie, Kevin, Ashlea and myself, decided to do a ten-day video challenge within our Facebook community.

We asked our friends, to ask us a question each day for the next ten days, and then we would each make a video about it. Everyone’s questions were different, and we weren’t sure what to expect.

When Zac, first put the camera on me I was dreadful. I was nervous, shy, and un-expressive. I was excited yes, and shitting — myself absolutely.

Most of my friends hadn’t really heard from me in about a year, when I decided to leave the corporate world and basically drop off the face of the earth to pursue more spiritual endeavors.

What would they think of me? What questions would they ask? Would they even care?

Too my surprise, people did care. They cared a lot. And they shared it with their friends and family. Within three days, more people than I had friends on Facebook at that time were watching my videos.

Even more fascinating about this whole episode, were the types of questions that we were each being asked.

It Turns Out I’m Not Just A Holistic Health Coach

I put it out to the world that, I was a Holistic Health Coach, trained by the CHEK institute, interested in talking about nutrition, movement, mediation, sleeping, lifestyle balance, etc.

But not one of my questions received were on those topics.

They were all about self-awareness.

Self-Awareness = Key to your success
  • They were about, at what point did I wake up?
  • What is my definition of success?
  • How do you escape the clutches of the dollar?
  • What’ the one quote that I live my life by? (You only live once so don’t waste it living someone else’s life — Steve Jobs).

These were questions on self-awareness, not health at all.

It was fantastic. It was the wake up call that I needed to continue pursuing what I am here to truly do; spread the practical power of being self-aware.

Becoming More Self-Aware:

It became obvious to myself anyway, that I had an ability to answer questions on camera around self-awareness. It became clear, that people wanted to know my perspective on what it takes to be successful in this world. It became clear, that people wanted to know my story of how and why I left the corporate world. And it became clear, that this was my passion.

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