An Interview with Afa Dworkin
Daniel Bernard Roumain

I’m Johnny Castro, and I define myself as being a believer, and of Mexican descent, big brother, (dance) community leader, organizer, hip hop historian, storyteller, educator, and student. I think Afa Dworkin helped me put things in perspective when she said “the reality now, is better than the dream ever was.” This nugget she shared strikes to my very core. Since starting the Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership (CECL) program I’ve been asked what do I plan on doing for my applied project. My initial thoughts coupled with the readings helps bring to focus that what is now my passion (breakin’, freestyle dance, Housing) and formalizing an idea through future research in order to create something that will in part make the world a better place. Selfishly for the niche group of dancers here in Arizona but also selflessly for the many urban street dancers around the world. There was one other significant line that continues to resonate from Afa Dworkin “Talent doesn’t pick demographics.” I have buckled on my seat belt tight and ready to start this journey of looking and hearing from creative leaders. From The Dance of Leadership, by Robert B. Denhardt and Janet V. Denhardt, pg. 7. “Most people would be hard pressed to define good leadership, but hey know it when it’s there and they miss it when it’s not.”

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