Blab is dead…long live Blab.
Shaan Puri

Oh Shaan… Shaan Shaan Shaan… What a self righteous egotistical man you are, to idolize your Zuckerberg lifestyle meshed with Google’s headquarters; you my friend have failed miserably. This post, was heartless, much like everything you touch. I do declare, why create a social platform, and claim the Shkreli era was the beginning of the end, when in fact you sir are just as much at fault. Where were you when accounts where being hacked? When trolls were calling private cellphones and hacking others. Oh that’s right, sipping on your cocktail and enjoying some fresh ceviche from the Bay. You take millions from investors, and live a lifestyle unworthy of your own caliber. Thought Blab was truly awe inspiring, the sole fact was the amazing people you catered to and their own talents, you high rolled your way through life, living from one investment to another, only to have life one day swallow you whole. No need to oust Martin Shkreli as the culprit, you my friend had the power to ban, block and administer trolls from the very beginning, but you allowed this sideshow circus to play out, because PharmaDouche has money, and you saw potential there. Trolls and hackers are everywhere, it can be maintained, but the demise of Blab itself solely rests upon your broad and larger than life shoulders of vanity and self proclamation. Let’s see what investors you can sucker into your schemes next time shall we? RIP Blab, your users and live streamers were the true rock stars, not experimenting CEO’s with fat wallets and little self ambition.