Watching a National Geographic show on the life in Africa. With the elephants, there is a scene where an elephant shakes a large tree and we are told that the elephant only digest half of what it eats while the birds can pick through the dung to find seeds for themselves and that what the birds don't get is left to grow into large trees providing for future Generations.

I watch this while I read an article on about HubSpot and Linkedin's grueling workforce mentality of a like Moneyball mathematics that drives staff to celebrate the firing of their teammates as if they are graduating and moving on to something great for themselves when in actuality it is a method to eat up and use up talent while being managed by young and inexperienced newbies.

I think of the top of the food chain and clear cutting and deforestation and possibly this is what we are doing to our middle class with all of the profit being pulled in to the top - an elephant that digests 100% of what it eats, leaving nothing behind for the birds or future Generations.

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