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I recently embarked on a 2 week trip to Africa that would change my life in ways I never imagined. It all began when a coworker mentioned a volunteer trip she and 2 others were planning. They would be joining an organization called Venture 2 Impact that was headed to the capital of Rwanda, to provide career skills to disadvantaged people of Kigali. When I heard the details of the trip, Kigali sounded exotic, the volunteer work sounded heroic, and I knew it would be the trip of a lifetime. I hedged on the decision for a month or two but with 1 spot left on the team I knew in my heart I couldn’t pass it up. …

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Last year after a couple particularly rough drinking days with friends, I thought about quitting alcohol for a while. I had thought about my relationship with alcohol many times before and wondered what life would be like without it. At the very least, it would mean never having a debilitating hangover or the crippling anxiety that comes with it for some of us ever again. After getting lost in that fantasy for a bit, I would come back to reality and realize quitting was unrealistic.

Literally everyone I know drinks and every social event I partake in is centered around food and alcohol. I did not have a life that was compatible with complete sobriety. And besides, I love a good cocktail at a party or the end of a long day. Or 10 on a Saturday.

I know drinking made some things in my life a lot harder, but I just needed to cut back. Moderation, after all, is the key to everything. …


Johnny Mal

Digital marketing specialist. Sobriety advocate. Powerlifter. Partner. Dog and cat dad. Human.

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