Resist Resisting

I’m looking at what this whole “fighting back” or “resisting” thing. It seems against the laws of nature. I’ve never seen it work. Something isn’t going the way you want it to? When has fighting against anything ever worked? I’m sincerely open to your feedback here. When did something an individual or a group did in retaliation against a force of nature or government ever yield the desired outcome? Keep in mind that most current movements have little idea what their fullest, most holistic desired outcome is.

[Edit/addition] On the topic of civil rights — I just want to clarify here — it could be argued that the movement didn’t succeed. Wonderful legislation passed but did we achieve equality? That’s a crazy question when you look at how the liberties of so many are being and have been threatened since the 60s. We rid ourselves of segregation and that was a powerful move. And yet. It only served to strengthen the deepest bigotry at the the core of the group of “oppressors” the civil rights movement went up against. We are FAR from where “we need to be” and that’s exactly what I’m looking at. Where do we need to be? Who decides? We love this narrative of resistance because it has been dramatized and satiated our relentless need for powerful outcomes. But we fragment the whole. We don’t see that these actions are playing into the hands of the very “enemy” we seek to overthrow!! We’re on their turf, playing by their rules. We can have SUCH better outcomes when we flip the whole fucking script and utilize the entire playing field. With no emphasis on any side. But we fragment! We see the trees but not the forest. When will we see the forest?!!

This probably isn’t something you want to look at if you have decided you’re a full blown activist and you are proud of it. Good. Many of you have been at it for a long time. I’m only posing questions here. I want to do it with compassion and understanding. We’d do well to keep questions alive right now, to support and encourage more of them.

Let’s dive deeper. We are so blinded by our convictions and our “sense of what’s right”. We are! It’s a fact. You’ve concluded that Trump is the enemy. Good. What is that energy doing for you? How is it serving you to hate him? How is it serving your environment?

We are blinded partly because we fragment our existence into categories. You say “My freedom of speech is being violated!” and then you run off in the direction of the individual or group or system of government that you THINK is directly affecting this, demanding they suddenly somehow magically realize how wrong they’ve been and decide to come around to your way of seeing things. (Again, when has anything like this ever happened?) You say “Our environment is being destroyed!!” then run off fighting THAT battle. When we fragment all of this, when we break it all up, we get agitated. It seems so daunting, and it IS when you create these divisions and have little or zero sense for or awareness of the WHOLE.

You wanna know something fucked up? Your enemies have decided YOU are the one that doesn’t get it. It’s YOUR fault things are the way they are. And they’ve connived so many conspiracy theories to prove it to themselves. Maybe their pastor even drills the point home. We just plod along not getting this major point. We are delusional on a ridiculous scale. Its the most epic, nonsensical battle and if you don’t know about it then I’m doubly glad I’m writing this. We gotta wake up.

We draw upon so much abstraction to come to our conclusions. We believe our minds. Isn’t that crazy??? The same mind that tells you what a loser you are. The same mind that is still hashing and rehashing the argument you had with your partner or mother or sister or boss yesterday; replaying it, arriving at different outcomes that you decide you like or hate. If you think we’re in a mess, you’ve got to cop to the fact that YOU decided that we are. WE are the creators of our so-called problems.

We are coming to a significant crossroads here my friends. It’s not going to work out for you to continue pointing the finger out at the world, taking zero accountability for all your so-called problems. I keep talking about this but it doesn’t seem like many people get what I’m talking about.

***I challenge you to come to an awareness of your ignorance today. We don’t have any time to waste. I challenge you to come to an awareness of your role in all of this. We all have one. We really do. It’s LIBERATING to discover this, I promise. I can’t tell you how challenging for me personally it’s been to face these truths but the rewards are astronomical. I can list examples. I would be so happy to share how extraordinary life can be when you throw your judgements of yourself, of your neighbor, yes even of Donald J Trump out the window and commit to being YOUR fullest, most integrated self. YOU are what matters, not what your “mind” is always telling you. You’re not a loser, you are so powerful. The crossroads we’re at requires you to check into that awareness, not waste your time resisting, pushing back, digging your heels in, delaying processes that would only crumble if you could get out of the way to let them.

I love you all so much. I want you to see this — at the very least I hope and pray you’ll question it — and call me up and tell me what your questions are — let’s engage. Already I’m getting some upset responses on this same post on Facebook, to which I’ve responded:

People are so angry! They want to fight! They want revenge. They want the bad guys to be stopped. I’m questioning the whole thing. How do we know who the bad guy is? Who says? And don’t we know the bad guy thinks WE’RE the bad guy too? And where do we go from there? How much do we accomplish if both sides are so certain of their innocence? We ultimately have to look within. We can’t claim to know what to do in society with our chattering, confused minds. Most of us aren’t aware of this inner dilemma though. Which is why these questions we're raising are hard for some to look at. I’m working on how I deliver these thoughts. I want to do it compassionately and patiently. So I’m asking for patience too.

I feel confident that the real work isn’t calling your senator who doesn’t serve you and never has — the real work is observing, being aware of yourself. All the intricacies, the perfect imperfections, the ups and downs, the fact that you determine what is up and what is down, to see it all and grow into an unconditional love for it. For you. You’ll be so filled up and drunk on love you won’t have any more urges to pick fights or have the audacity to think you can stop others or defend or insert yourself all over the goddamned place. It’s Ego. Mania. We need you to realize this. The planet, our children, their children, we all need you to get out of the way.