Your Anger Isn’t Serving You

When I question your anger, when I say it’s better to look inwardly instead of outwardly, blaming the whole world for the world’s and your own misery, what I’m talking about is far from simply standing by and doing nothing, nooo way. What I’m talking about is infinitely more challenging, it’s the ultimate challenge really. Facing ONESELF is way more ambitious and courageous than fighting anger with anger.

Haven’t we learned anything of history? We’ve always been at war. And we’ve always reacted to aggression the same old tired way and it has gotten us nowhere. Nowhere at all. Literally. Show me where we were ever peaceful for any single moment in the last 5500 years. Show me when there wasn’t some tyrant or group of them burning people to the ground. Or groups of idiots with torches and hatred in their eyes. And then show me the methods that have WORKED in resisting them.

And by that I mean the total and complete eradication of hatred and violence. Isn’t that what you want ultimately? What you’re demanding? If it’s not than that’s a whole other fucking conversation. But really I’m curious. Can you show me what has worked?


You won’t be able to because we are doing it all terribly terribly wrong. Everyone is so sure of themselves. Unwilling to take a moment to observe or recognize, to face that nagging feeling you’ve had for it seems like ever. You know what I’m talking about. The thing that keeps you awake at night but still you find ways to avoid.

Please, I’m not asking anyone to stand around and watch as the world burns. Far from it. I’m asking people to take the biggest possible leap into the unknown, to face your biggest fear: that ultimately we might not be worth anything. That we are ultimately nothing. And we have created elaborate and seemingly indestructible illusions to fight, to steal, to covet, all in the effort of justifying our very existence.

None of this is worth your anger— all this energy you waste — because none of it is ultimately real. But that concept is too terrifying for us to face because it means everything we have come to accept (mostly blindly) isn’t real. Realizing THAT is radical. THAT'S what being “woke” really is.

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