Is Bumble Empowering Woman or Secretly Impairing Them?

Many fans of Bumble argue that it allows women to decide if a man is worthy and therefore empowers them. Sorry girls, but you would be incorrect; Bumble gives you the illusion of power. It is actually men that hold the power in Bumble.

Bumble sells you on the fact that women get to initiate the conversation. This in itself is breaking gender norms, but it also shows a woman’s hand too soon. Unlike on Tinder and other “equal opportunity” dating sites, men using Bumble do not have to “guess” if a woman is interest ed— the initiation of a message tells them; not only did you both swipe right, but now you have shown your high intent.

In general, men are usually the ones to initiate a conversation both in the real world and digitally. For better or for worse, so much of our dating society is built on these classic gender norms. When they get flipped on their head, men win.

The dating game is often a complicated battle of who holds the power (think of the classic “last one to text loses” game). Bumble blatantly gives men a super power that they have never had before.

Whether we want to believe it or not, there will always be dating games between men and woman. Perhaps Bumble and other apps will change the gender norm over the next couple of years for the better, but for now, I am going to take advantage of their flawed system.

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