It’s Friday night! And where’s our hero?!

Why, he’s right back at the grind yet again.

Overtime has started again for the red eyed champion. While people all over the City of Angels have already started drinking in celebration of another week passed, good old Johnny Overtime is riding his fifth wind while fighting the urge to get another soda. Three in one day should be enough.

Even so, the cravings only get worse from here on. As the sun goes down, so do the sugar levels. With a society that encourages working long hours, how can a person not become dependent on caffeine and sugar? Is it any surprise that coffee is almost (if not) a requirement for all workplaces? This is a country built by Overtimers, and Overtimers believe in getting the job done. There will be time to celebrate the week passing later…

Oh, boy. The fifth wind is dying…at least it’s Friday.

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