Cultivating an Idea

In this picture it shows five old men flexing on a beach towards a camera. It doesn’t show, however the story behind whats happening in the picture.

These men are all very high ranked, decorated war heros. They all served thirty plus years in the navy. From the coasts of Italy to panama, they served our country proud.

They guy all the way to the left is named Charles Herbert. He was in charge of navigation on the huge war vessel. It was because of him they made it everywhere safely and stealthily.

The guy second to the left is named Phillip Ball. He was the loud mouth of the group, but that was good for his job. He was the man who you’d hear giving orders over the loud speaker for everyone to hear. He kept everyone alert and up to date on information

The middle guy is named Steven Guy. This man was in charge of all the ammunition and turrets on the boat. If anyone needed anything it had to go through him.

The guy second to the right is named Bernie Harris. He would swab the bathrooms and make sure everyone wouldn’t get sick from mold and illness.

The guy all the way to the right is named Shou Yin. He was in charge of fixing all of the uniforms for the soldiers to make sure they look respectful and appropriate.

They all got to know each other by random encounters on the boat. Everyday they would salute to each other but never really say hello. They all ended up playing on the boats poker night together. Through time, they gradually got to know each other. People would get shipped on and off the boat, but for the most part they were the people in their poker night who all ended up staying.

One day, around nine at night they were coasting around the seas of Japan. During their poker game, the sirens roared. They heard a loud boom followed by the vessel feeling like it was undergoing an earthquake. The only light they could see was red flashing from bright to dim. Everyone jumped up to man their stations. Bombs were being tossed back and fourth between the boats. All you could hear was Phillip sending orders and updates through the speakers. Charles was up in the captains room with a map trying to find some advantage. Steven had Bernie and Shou in his station having them help him with ammunition and manning turrets. There were about one hundred people on the boat and at the end of it all there were just about twenty-three. The boat was barely functional after the fight, but it looked better than the half sunk Japanesse war ship. All you could see was fire, but it was a sign of victory.

All these men meet up since they’re retired and have their annual beach and poker trip. They like to be near the ocean so they’re close to they fallen comrades, but like to cherish the good moments with their games.

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