Setting the table.

So where do we start with this whole Blog post/ medium thing?

Obviously as a startup, and small business you gravitate towards the things that are free. That includes quick tools for organization, labor (don’t tell anyone, but you know you’ve done it too), food, and publicity, amongst several other things. So if you’re not doing the social media thing, or blogging then you are totally not cashing in on free marketing.

Well I am pretty sure I have never been a writer, and am not going to pretend to suddenly be one. But we are huge fans of food, travel, people, and free stuff (when it’s legit, and awesome) here at Covered. So that’s what this will be.

We plan on Covered Meals posts to be quick bits of cooking information, cool things to check out, and a list here or there of random but relevant stuff. We will try and keep the meat on the bones for content!

Meatless Lamb Bones

Please feel free to reach out, and ask any questions you may have! Even if its random. We love a challenge on a difficult question. Cheers!

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