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About history:

It’s not always the draft choice going to the all star that is the metric for drafting success. Sometimes its measured in how you use the draft picks…for other deals. So to consider on metric the only way to measure success is really conservative and idiotic.

Drafter Danny has usually fed Trader Danny:

  1. Drafted Jeff Green and traded to Seattle/OKC for Ray Allen
  2. Drafted Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Delonte West and then traded them for KG
  3. Drafted Troy Bell, Dahntay Jones, Brandon Hunter and traded to the Grizzlies for Kendrick Perkins
  4. Drafted Randy Foye and traded him for Rajon Rondo
  5. Drafted JR Giddens and Bill Walker, traded to the Knicks for Nate Robinson

That’s why to purely judge Danny Ainge by his drafting role or trader role is stupid because more often than not it’s very closely tied together moreso than with other GM’s

And honestly I think we’re going to see a trade with the #3 pick and the Lakers Pick being the central core. Will it be for Porzingis? for Butler? for George? So Trader Danny is gonna feed again.

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