Stinkin Sharks

You meet all kinds of people along the way who talk a bunch a bull (poo poo) about how they can help you with your music. You really have to be careful about who you choose to work with. When someone with money or position notices a person with talent they seem to want to take advantage. They see $$$ and that’s about it. There are artists, producers, engineers, promoters etc. that want to work with you. I have been offered to get signed 3 times now, but I declined every time so far. Sure I was excited and grateful for the offer, however I never said anything about it because it’s not real until it is finished and I have money in the bank.

I never took a deal because people assume I am desperate and need their money. They wave it in my face like it’s really gonna influence me to make the decision to give up my music. I can tell when someone is trying to get over on me. They want to let me do all the work and let them collect all the money. Nah, I would rather post my music for free and release everything myself than to work with an idiot. I am not opposed to getting signed by a major label, but it would still have to be a pretty sweet deal.

I’ve always been content with the idea of releasing my music by myself. I would much rather have control over how my music sounds and who gets money. I am not just some greedy artist who wants everything to myself. For my album I want to pay the right people good money to get the work done I need. I understand that is what it takes to get the radio quality sound I want. I am willing to share royalties with every artist I work with. I am also going to be donating a percentage of my royalties to charity. My first donation will be to the Boys & Girls club. I went to the Boys & Girls Club when I was a kid and it really had a powerful influence on me.

The truth is that I would rather Sing my heart out and feel good about my music than to have someone come into my project and corrupt my music. This would forever distort my view of the song. The reason I sing and play music is not only for myself, but also for the world. I want to share my music through clear eyes that are honest and pure. I can not have you see my music through the eyes of some shark.