Adultery Website Ashley Madison Agrees to Pay $1.6M Fine

Adultery Website Ashley Madison Agrees to Pay $1.6M Fine: The Toronto-based parent company of the adultery dating site Ashley Madison has agreed to pay $1.6 million in settlements following a FTC investigation that found the site’s lax security exposed millions of members data and created fake female profiles to attract more male customers. I dated one of the fake female profiles for a while and everything was going really well until her damn imaginary husband found out.

Kanye West Has Meeting With Trump in New York: With an entourage and videographer accompanying him, Kanye West had a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower. Kanye in Trump Tower? Gee, the poor guy just seems to be moving from one mental institution to another.

Trump Picks Rick Perry as Energy Secretary: Donald Trump has reportedly picked former Texas Gov. and Dancing With the Stars contestant Rick Perry as the nation’s next Secretary of Energy. Perry said he sees his top priority as energy secretary to make absolutely certain that beverages like Monster and Red Bull are readily available for all who can afford them.