Apple Now Pushing Organ Donor Registration in iOS 10

Apple Now Pushing Organ Donor Registration in iOS 10: Apple’s next software update for the the iPhone will make it easier for users to become organ donors through a new feature in the company’s Health app, which will let users sign up to become organ, eye, and tissue donors “with just a few taps.” Good grief, as if it isn’t enough they charge an arm and a leg for their iPhones, now they’re after our internal organs too?

Full-Sized Noah’s Ark to Open in Kentucky: A 510-foot-long, $100 million Noah’s ark attraction built by Christians who say the biblical story really happened is now set to open in Kentucky. OK, but with devastating floods right next door leaving 23 dead, scores homeless and billions in property damage, wouldn’t West Virginia have been a little bit better choice for an ark?

Georgia Supreme Court Rules KKK May Adopt-a-Highway: A local Georgia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan might soon get a highway stretch named after them after the state’s Supreme Court denied an appeal to block them from the “Adopt-A-Highway” program. I suppose I’m OK with that, just as long as the highway they get is the “Highway to Hell.” You’d think if the KKK is so keen on getting rid of rotting trash, they’d start in their own trailer parks. Wonder if the great Georgia would give the same nod to the Crips or Bloods? Anyway, here’s another idea — instead of “adopting” a highway, how bout they just hit the road?

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