Bill Gates Warns Bioterrorism Could Kill More Than Nuclear War

Bill Gates Warns Bioterrorism Could Kill More Than Nuclear War: In a recent conference, Bill Gates warned world leaders that a genetically engineered virus is easier to make and could kill more people than nuclear weapons — and yet no country on Earth is ready for the threat. While acknowledging the seriousness of the threat, health officials say the virus is not expected to affect Mac users.

Scientists Discover Lost Continent of Zealandia Under New Zealand: A lost continent dubbed Zealandia, which submerged beneath the South Pacific 100 million years ago, has been discovered underneath New Zealand. When contacted about the matter, Ben Stiller said he has no plans to make a movie about it at this time.

Rumor the German Shepherd Wins Westminster Dog Show: A German shepherd named Rumor has been declared best-in-show at this year’s Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. Judges say they had a firm commitment from the dog’s handlers that should it win, it would not invade Poland.