Burger King Workers Tricked into Breaking Store’s Windows

Burger King Workers Tricked into Breaking Store’s Windows: Some Burger King employees in Coon Rapids, Minnesota are in hot water after receiving a phone from someone claiming to be from the “fire department” telling them that the building had over-pressurized and instructing them to break all of the windows in the store. Now I’m no detective, but the first place I’d investigate is the nearest glass company.


Pot Shot Over Mexican Boarder by Cannon: U.S. Border Patrol agents said they have seized 33 cans of marijuana in a field near the Arizona-Mexico border which were apparently launched through a cannon. Those who witnessed it all described it like this — “and their eyes were red glare, the BONGS bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our Buzz was still there!”


People Find Upside Down House in Poland Disorienting: Tourists are reportedly waiting in line up to six hours to get to tour Poland’s famous “upside down house,” a house located in the town of Szymbark that is completely upside down. Now I’ve heard about being upside down on your mortgage, but this is crazy. How much you wanna bet that the owner makes his living flipping houses?

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