California Has Forty-Two Infants in Their Gang Database

California Has Forty-Two Infants in Their Gang Database: An audit of California’s state gang database, CalGang, found 42 individuals in the database who were less than one year old at the time of of entry. Police say they most likely belong to either the “Cribs” or the “Grandsons of Anarchy.” Authorities say a good way for a parent to detect possible gang affiliation is if the child says things like “you wanna give me another swig of that formula bitch?”

Woman Gives Birth in Bathroom of Subway Restaurant: A woman in Nevada has given birth to a healthy baby boy in the bathroom of a Subway restaurant. Guess she must have misunderstood the “we deliver” sign posted in the window.

Trump Calls for Extreme Vetting of Immigrants: During a recent speech in Youngstown, Ohio, Donald Trump called for “extreme vetting” of people looking to immigrate to or visit the United States, including an ideological screening test to weed out those who don’t “share our values and respect our people.” One thing’s for sure, if Trump starts “vetting” new immigrants like he “vetted” his immigrant wives, they can pretty much figure they’re gonna get screwed.