Chris Christie Demoted to Secondary Debate

Chris Christie Demoted to Secondary Debate: Debate sponsor Fox Business Network announced they have demoted Chris Christie down from the main stage at next week’s GOP presidential debate to the undercard debate. How can they do that? Why Chris Christie is literally “twice the man” any of the other candidates are — and possibly even more.

Longest-Serving Flight Attendant Retires After 63 Years: The longest-serving flight attendant in the USA has ended his 63-year career at United will earn him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can bet this is one guy who’s seen plenty of ups and downs in his career.

O.J. Simpson Has Nicole’s Pic Pinned to His Cell Wall: A former prison guard who worked in the prison where O.J. Simpson is locked up said the former NFL star keeps a picture of his slain wife Nicole Brown Simpson pinned to the wall beside his bed. How touching! Wonder if he used a knife to stick her picture to the wall? I assume that the picture he has hanging is her “headshot.”

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