Clint Eastwood Defends Trump’s Race-Baiting in Esquire

Clint Eastwood Defends Trump’s Race-Baiting in Esquire: During a recent interview with Esquire, 86-year old Clint Eastwood called today’s youth the “pussy generation” for being too politically correct, pointing out that “while much of what Trump says about racial minorities is wrong, I grew up in time when those things weren’t called racist.” Oh yeah, now I get it. Clint’s basically saying “I’m not saying Trump isn’t racist! I’m just saying it’s too bad we’re living in a time when racism is considered a bad thing.” Good points Clint — now let’s go change your diaper.

Kris Jenner Involved in Car Accident: Kris Jenner reports being “shook-up” after being involved in a “scary car accident” while driving her brand new $250,000 Rolls near her home in Calabasas, California, telling E! News that her hand hurts, but she is otherwise doing OK. Oh my God, that’s just horrible! All we can do is hope that the next time she needs to go into town to buy more stuff, she’ll be able to hitch a ride with a friend or neighbor.

Study Finds Medical Benefits of Dental Floss Unproven: An Associated Press investigation which claimed there is almost no evidence that flossing is of any benefit at all has left many confused. In related news, a followup study found that AP correspondents have the most disgusting teeth of all news organizations.

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