Colombians Told to Avoid Sex as Intense Heatwave Continues

Colombians Told to Avoid Sex as Intense Heatwave Continues: Health officials in the Columbian coastal city of Santa Marta are warning residents to avoid having sex during peak hottest hours of the day while the area’s intense heatwave continues. Damn, that’d be just my luck — finally about to get lucky and they cancel all sex because of global warming.

Astronomers Find Ice on the Moon’s Surface: Astronomers say they’ve found patches of ice scattered around the moon’s north and south poles which could one day provide a source of water for human visitors. Not to be outdone down here on Earth, an alcoholic in North Hollywood was caught “mooning” people who were buying ice at 7-Eleven.

Scientists Say Earth Will Be Habitable for 1.75 Billion Years: The LA Times is reporting that scientists have run the numbers and found that the the Earth will likely be habitable for at least another 1.75 billion years. Needless to say, that’s gonna make a lot of homeowners feel a bit more comfortable about their 30-year mortgages.

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