Company Recalls Boots With Swastikas on the Soles

Company Recalls Boots With Swastikas on the Soles: A California company has issued a recall of its Polar Fox work boots they were selling on Amazon after a customer noticed that his new boots were leaving a swastika-shaped footprint on the ground.

I have a friend who bought a pair before anyone knew about the swastikas. He said they were just the reich size — a size “nein.” He bought then to wear on a hiking trip through Europe and thought they’d be perfect for hiking from Germany across the border into Poland.

Unfortunately, that’s when he noticed the imprint they made and called me to to say “you’re not Goering to believe what’s on the bottom of these boots!” This made him absolutely Fuhrerious. Now we all know Nazi jokes aren’t really funny anne frankly, I’m sick of them too, but after I read this story I just couldn’t help myself!

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