ComTower Top of Empire State Building Originally Intended for Dirigibles

Tower Top of Empire State Building Originally Intended for Dirigibles: Historians say that the top of the tower of the Empire State Building was originally intended — but never used — as a mooring place for dirigibles. It seems such a shame they spent all that time and money constructing the tower and the only one who ever really got any use out of it was King Kong.

Manning Denies Growth Hormone Report: Peyton Manning says he welcomes a National Football League investigation into allegations from Al Jazeera America linking a huge shipment of human growth hormone to his wife Ashley, describing the report that triggered the probe as “garbage.” In related news, reps for Ashley Manning announced she has just signed a three-year, $4.5 million deal to quarterback the new LA Rams franchise.

Tesla May Launch Two New Cars in March: In anticipation of the possibility of a forthcoming Apple Car, its being reporting that Tesla is planning to announce two new cars at a big event this coming March. Sadly, one of them is expected to be a 1973 AMC Gremlin.

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