Conservatives Fear Obama LGBT Plot to Take Over Red States

Conservatives Fear Obama LGBT Plot to Take Over Red States: Many conservative talk show hosts are expressing grave concerns about what they believe is a plot by the Obama administration to infiltrate rural American communities with “lesbian and transgender hillbillies” who will attempt to turn formerly Republican strongholds into Democratic majorities. Wow, if I’m understanding this correctly, I guess we’re talking about creating kind of a “Dyke Dynasty.”

Alabama Tea Party Talk Show Host Busted for Meth Trafficking: Tuscaloosa conservative talk show host and former Tea Party candidate for the Alabama state legislature John Fisher Jr., has been arrested and charged with manufacturing and trafficking crystal meth. Well, guess that’s another fine meth he’s gotten himself into!

Trump Vows to Get 95% of the African American Vote: During a recent rally in Dimondale, Michigan, Republican Donald Trump again made a direct appeal to black voters, asking them “What do you have to lose by voting for something new like Donald Trump? Well, let’s start with healthcare, voting rights and personal dignity.

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