Deaf Man Stabbed in Signing Misunderstanding

Deaf Man Stabbed in Signing Misunderstanding: A deaf man in North Carolina, communicating to a friend via sign language, was stabbed multiple times after he was mistaken for flashing gang signs. In an attempt to avoid further mishaps, officials are urging members of violent gangs to consider learning American Sign Language (ASL).

3D-Printed Stem Cell Breakthrough: Researchers claim that they have cracked the code when it comes to using 3D printing to create stem cells, which could one-day lead to printable organs. Hell, you can use your printer to print organs now, its just that the pictures would need to be rated X.

Giant Gas Cloud Heading Toward Us At 700,000 Miles Per Hour: Scientists say a massive “cloud of gas” 11,000 light-years long and 2,500 light-years across is speeding toward us and expected to arrive at the Milky Way galaxy in 30-million-years. A cloud of gas 11,000 light-years long and 2,500 light-years across? Sounds like even more evidence validating the “Big Bean Theory.” Guess that goes to show that even in the universe, all things must pass. In related news, NASA is reportedly considering launching a rocket completely filled with Beano.

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