Donald Trump Draws 30,000 at Alabama Rally

Donald Trump Draws 30,000 at Alabama Rally: Reality TV star and Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump held a rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile that according to his campaign, drew an impressive 30,000 Alabama residents.

And is it any wonder? I mean who better to speak to the needs of people living in rural Alabama than a slick, New York real estate developer? Its almost enough to make you want to scream-out “thank you sweet, white, supply-side Jesus! Our prayers have been answered!”

And while everyone seemed quite impressed, it did sound a little to me like the plan Trump was laying out for them was about as meaningful as promising everyone in the crowd that they’ll all be getting a pony should he be elected. Sort of like the political equivalent of telling someone they’re pretty.

And based on the composition of the crowd, it appears that Trump has not yet fully developed those plans he keeps talking about where he’s gonna get lots and lots of Black and Hispanic people voting for him. When asked to explain why the crowd seemed so totally white, Trump was quick to blame the GOP’s failure to attract Black and Latino voters on Benghazi.

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