Donald Trump’s Purple Heart Sparks Controversy

Donald Trump’s Purple Heart Sparks Controversy: Donald Trump is taking some slack after he accepted a Purple Heart from a retired soldier at a Virginia rally, remarking, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart, this was much easier.” Hell, if anyone deserves a Purple Heart, I’m guessing it would be the people who’ve had the misfortune of working for some of Trump’s failed businesses over the years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits to Another Affair: Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted that not only did he cheat on Maria Shriver while the two were married, but also when they were still dating, when he had an affair with his Red Sonja co-star Brigitte Nielsen. Sounds like iron wasn’t the only thing Arnold was pumping back in those days.

Mike Pence Claims Trump is Unstoppable: Despite his recent gaffs and a difference of opinion over support for Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is claiming that his running mate Donald Trump is “unstoppable.” Of course, I suppose the same argument could be made for most train wrecks. One thing’s for sure, his mouth is definitely unstoppable.