Dylann Roof Writing and Pics Emerge

Dylann Roof Writing and Pics Emerge: A website, believed to be that of racist killer Dylann Roof has emerged with a manifesto as well as several pics of him, one in which he’s waving a confederate flag and wearing a Gold’s Gym t-shirt. Ouch! If your Gold’s Gym, that’s gotta smart. Kind of like being a restaurant owner and having a pic of Jeffery Dahmer wearing your restaurant’s promotional hat and jersey go viral.


Gap Announces Closure of 175 Stores: Gap plans to close 175 of its namesake stores in North America, or 18 percent of its current total, and cut 250 jobs at its headquarters as the company tries to strengthen the struggling brand. Analysts claim they’re losing ground to competitors, but Gap officials say they’re doing their best to “close the Gap.”


Cases of Bipolar Disorder Increasing in Lithuania: A recent issue of European Psychiatry notes a dramatic increase in reported cases of bipolar disorder in Lithuania, the most effective treatment of which still seems to be the compound Lithium. As if the world isn’t frightening enough as it is, and now you tell me we’ll have ever increasing numbers of Lithuanians on Lithium? Oh, the humanity!

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