Egypt Begins Search for Fabled Queen Nefertiti

Egypt Begins Search for Fabled Queen Nefertiti: Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry confirms that a digging exploration has begun inside King Tutankhamun’s 3,300 year-old tomb in the search for hidden chambers that an Egyptologist believes could include Queen Nefertiti.

Why bother with all that digging? Can’t they just track her down by her credit card usage? Frankly, I’m hoping they never find Queen Nefertiti. I’d rather remember her the way she was. Besides, I’m still trying to process who’s buried in Grant’s tomb.

All I know is, if they look behind door #2, they’ll probably gonna find one of Ben Carson’s grain storage vaults. Anyway, enough of this silly nonsense. Sometimes I think all this science stuff is just a ploy to distract us from keeping up with what the Kardashians up to.

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