Everyone’s Talking About McCain’s Bizarre Comey Questioning

Everyone’s Talking About McCain’s Bizarre Comey Questioning: Many are expressing concern for John McCain, after the 80-year-old senator asked a series of seemingly incoherent, rambling questions of former FBI director James Comey which no one seemed to understand, at one time even referring to Mr Comey as President Comey.

The questions were so bizarre, I began to wonder if Sarah Palin had written them, although I’m told that some of those questions actually do make sense — if you read them backwards. On a positive note, at least McCain didn’t ask Comey if he knew how to reset his VCR and operate the TV remote.

And in McCain’s defense, it can be a little difficult to concentrate when you know you’re gonna be running late for that early bird special. I’m told Thursdays they feature stewed prunes. Anyway, all’s well that end well — Sen McCain left the hearings and drove himself safely home — albeit with his turn signal flashing the entire way, but safely home just the same.