Fox News’ Eric Bolling Reportedly Sent Penis Pictures

Fox News’ Eric Bolling Reportedly Sent Penis Pictures: The Huffington Post is reporting that Fox News host Eric Bolling sexted pictures of male genitalia to at least three female colleagues. Gee, I’ve heard of butt failing, but not dick dialing. Ironically, those who’ve seen the pics described it as looking somewhat like a man’s penis, only much smaller. Now the question remains, could this possibly be the “Bolling Green Massacre” Kellyanne Conway was referring to some time ago?

A Close Mountain Encounter With a Timber Wolf: I was out hiking in the Santa Monica mountains earlier today when I came upon what I thought was a very large coyote down by the creek. As I got closer, I could see it wasn’t a coyote at all, but a wolf — perhaps a timber wolf. Then, as I approached even closer, I could see that while it was indeed a wolf — it was not a timber wolf — I knew this because it wasn’t real timber. Turned out, it was just a laminate wolf. Come on, what the hell do you expect — this is LA.

Dunkin’ Donuts May Drop Donuts From Their Name: Locked in a battle with coffeehouse giant Starbucks and people seeking healthier choices, iconic Dunkin’ Donuts is considering dropping “donuts” from their name and becoming simply “Dunkin’.” Really, then what the hell are we supposed to be dunkin’?

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