Good Samaritan Billed After Rescuing Family In Car Crash

Good Samaritan Billed After Rescuing Family In Car Crash: A good samaritan in California, who stopped at the scene of an accident and rescued a family who were trapped in their wrecked car, noticed a small scrape on his own hand and asked paramedics for a bottle of water. Not long after that, the good samaritan received a bill for $143 as a “First Responder Fee.”

Of course my first thoughts were — are you serious? That much for a small bottle of water? Talk about “California Scheme’n!” Then I remembered, California’s in the middle of a serious water crisis. Who knew that included bottled water? What the hell, are those paramedics working on commission?

I mean, for $143, couldn’t they at least have offered him one of those cheap bottles of wine Trader Joe’s always seems to have on sale? Good grief, at those prices, I’d be afraid to ask a paramedic what time it is.

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