Group Warns Target Boycott Failure Could Leave Christians With No Place to Pee

Group Warns Target Boycott Failure Could Leave Christians With No Place to Pee: In a recent interview, the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios warned that should the Target boycott they’ve organized over the company’s transgender bathroom policy fail, transgender acceptance will spread like a virus and soon “Christians will no longer be able to go to the bathroom anywhere.”

Well, all I can say to that is “gee wiz!” I went to an expert and asked him if what she’s saying is really true, that Christians may one day have no where to go to pee and he told me “well, that all Depends.” One thing’s for sure, if things don’t go her way, she may be forced to start minding her pee’s and Q’s from now on.

And the surprising thing is that even though the boycott isn’t lost yet, Rios sounds as if she’s already really pissed! I guess that can happen when you cause a big stink over who’s using the bathroom. Meanwhile, some impatient Target customers are asking “why can’t she just pee in the alley like the US Olympic swimmers?” Either that or give her a paper cup and some lamb’s blood and ask her to squat down behind the linen display on aisle 43.

A frustrated Target spokesperson told me they’ve reached out to Rios and the American Family Association numerous times, trying to reassure them that their bathroom policy is actually quite Republican in nature, in that its loosely modeled after Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics of the 1980’s, but Rios vigorously maintains that Target’s transgender bathroom policy is a clear violation of her “religious peedom” and that the American Family Association will not be satisfied until upskirt cameras — checking every patron’s gender — are installed at all the entrances to Target’s restrooms.

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