Iranian Cleric Blames Women’s Outfits for Earthquakes

Iranian Cleric Blames Women’s Outfits for Earthquakes: A senior cleric in Iran warns that a terrible earthquake is on the way and that it’s all because of women who wear revealing clothing. Get real! I mean if women wearing skimpy outfits really caused earthquakes, wouldn’t Hollywood be getting devastated by massive temblors on a daily basis?

Mars Mission Astronauts Could Experience Brain Damage: A new study found that Mars mission astronauts could experience brain damage due to harmful radiation from galactic cosmic rays. To minimize the impact, only former NFL players will be allowed to apply.

Marlee Matlin Responds To Trump Calling Her Retarded: Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin took to Twitter to address recent reports that Donald Trump mocked her out for being deaf during her stint as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, and referred to her as “retarded.” Ironically, when it comes to Trump supporters, all of this is gonna fall on deaf ears.