JFK Opens New $65 million Pet Terminal

JFK Opens New $65 million Pet Terminal: New York’s JFK airport has just opened a new $65 million 178,000-square-foot animal terminal called “The Ark at JFK,” a pet oasis which includes splash pools, massage therapy, overnight kennels, vaccine and micro-chipping services, 24/7 emergency care and and in-house pet spa. That’s just “plane” crazy. Hell, makes me wanna run right out and get micro-chipped. Who the hell wants to sit on one of those cold, hard JFK terminal benches when you got that kind of luxury just down the way?


Annual NYC Whiskey Walk Coming Next Month: The annual NYC Whiskey Walk will take place this March 4th, with participants enjoying the best of Ireland’s premium whiskeys at eight of NYC’s leading bars. Yea, well after hammering down Irish Whiskey at eight different bars, let’s just see how many of the participants in this so-called “Whiskey Walk” will still be walking!


Utah Republican Argues Equal Pay for Women Bad for Society: In a recent letter to the editor, the vice chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party in Utah argued that equal pay for women is bad for families and society and that paying women equally would ruin the makeup of a traditional family where “the mother” remains at home raising children. And to think that all this time I just assumed Jurassic Park was only a Hollywood movie and that all the dinosaurs were really dead.

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