Kellyanne Conway Tells People Losing Medicaid to Just Get a Job

Kellyanne Conway Tells People Losing Medicaid to Just Get a Job: In a recent interview with ABC, Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway says those who lose their Medicaid coverage under the proposed Republican Healthcare Plan should just go out and find a job that provides health insurance instead.

Do you ever get the impression that the whole GOP playbook is right out of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” — only it never gets to the point where they have an epiphany and become a good person. I mean, Kellyanne has to be just a nickname. I’m sure her real name must be something like “Kelly Antoinette.”

Its funny, but the more I hear people of her ilk talking about Medicaid — the more I become convinced that they don’t even have the slightest idea what the hell Medicaid is. Frankly, instead of spouting her venom all over the TV day and night, I wish she’d just go back to running that meth lab we all know she has hidden away down her basement.

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