Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Child

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Child: Its being reported that Kim Kardashian announced that she is pregnant during the midseason finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” her second child with Kanye West. Wow, wonder which direction they’ll name this child?

Nebraska Lawmakers Outlaw the Death Penalty: One of the country’s most conservative states, Nebraska, has just outlawed the death penalty, long a central plank of conservative criminal justice policy. Legislators say they figure having to spend time in Nebraska is punishment enough and have appropriately renamed it the bill the “bored to death penalty.”

Woman Becomes Oldest Woman To Finish Marathon at 92: A 92-year-old woman rocked her way into the record books, becoming the oldest woman to finish a complete marathon, displaying a huge smile while being mobbed by well-wishers when she crossed the finish line. While some had nothing but praise for the woman, others were quick to point out the fact that sadly, she actually began the marathon when she was 26 years-old.