Lindsay Lohan Says We Need to Support Trump

Lindsay Lohan Says We Need to Support Trump: In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lindsay Lohan says she thinks its about time for people to support President Trump. You know, when you think about all the craziness out there such as a world full of alternative facts, the hundreds of millions of illegal aliens who voted for Hillary Clinton and the horrific Bowling Green Massacre, its refreshing to hear the voices of sanity like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin and Dennis Rodman — reminding us about how important it is that we support our president.

Crocodile Bites Off Part of Man’s Testicle: A 70-year-old man from Zimbabwe narrowly escaped a crocodile attack as he crossed the Chivake River with his pants off — but he lost part of his testicle in the melee. Crossing a crocodile-infested river with no pants on? That really took some balls to do that!

Melania Trump Reportedly Unhappy with New Role as First Lady: Its being reported that First Lady Melania Trump is extremely unhappy with the turn her life has taken since her husband was elected President of the United States. On a positive note, its beginning to appear she may not have to put up with this misery very much longer. Till then, she has access to all the Trump Vodka she wants.