Maine Gov LePage Leaves Profane Voicemail

Maine Gov LePage Leaves Profane Voicemail: Maine’s controversial Republican governor Paul LePage left a long string of profanities on the voicemail of Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine after Gattine implied that LePage’s comments, which laid all the blame for illegal drugs in the state of Maine on black people, was racist. Coming to his defense, supporters of the governor say he was a committed racist long before Donald Trump made it cool again.

Jim Bakker Claims People Out to Kill Him Because He Believes Bible: Televangelist Jim Bakker recently told his audience that people are trying to kill him because he believes in the Bible. Gee, I think you may have that backwards Jim, I believe its you who’ve been making a killing off the Bible.

Radio Signal Traced to Sunlike Star Sparks Interest: While not saying it’s aliens, SETI researchers say an intriguing radio signal traced to a sunlike star has sparked the interests of scientists. After researchers admitted they couldn’t decipher what the transmissions meant, a group of angry Trump supporters demanded that scientists “tell them to speak English damn it!”

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