Man Kills Waitress Who Asked Him to Extinguish Cigarette

Man Kills Waitress Who Asked Him to Extinguish Cigarette: A Mississippi man is under arrest after police say he gunned down a Waffle House waitress who asked him to put out his cigarette in the restaurant.

Guess this pretty much destroys any arguments that cigarettes don’t kill. While not completely condoning the shooter’s behavior, some local hunters did point out that actions such as this are occasionally necessary in order to keep the local waitress population in check.

When questioned, an angry NRA spokesman told reports that its obviously not guns that are the problem here, its the waffles — adding that from this point on, all waffle house waitresses should be armed. Now I have no idea if arming waitresses would actually save lives, but one thing’s for sure, an armed waitress would definitely make a hell of a lot more in tips.

Even though police say they are in possession of the “smoking gun,” defense attorneys claim that due to the outrageous cost of cigarettes, they may be able to mount a “Stand your Ground” defense. Meanwhile, the Trump Campaign quickly issued a statement reminding supporters that incidents such as this should not distract us from our main focus, which is being fearful of Mexican immigrants and Syrian refugees.

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