Man Shoots Self Instead of Raccoon After Sneezing and Falling Off Chair

Man Shoots Self Instead of Raccoon After Sneezing and Falling Off Chair: A 81-year-old man has been hospitalized after accidentally sneezing, falling off his chair and shooting himself while attempting to kill a large raccoon that had broken into his home. Police say they were unable to identify the raccoon intruder because it was wearing a mask.

Study Finds Poor Economy Means Less Traffic Deaths: A new study out of the Brookings Institution found that fewer people die in car crashes when the economy is not doing well, with every additional 1% increase in unemployment resulting in 5000 less auto fatalities per year. In a touchingly dramatic outpouring of social responsibility, many large corporations promised to do their part by sending lots more jobs overseas.

Anthony Weiner and Wife Separate After Latest Sexting Scandal: Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin announced she is separating from husband and former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, after a new report surfaced that Weiner is involved in yet another sexting scandal. Can’t say I’m really surprised, a politician with a name like Weiner sounds like a sex scandal just waiting to happen. His kid was even allegedly in one of the pics, guess he wanted to show off his little Weiner too. Anyway, if there’s anything that’s really obvious, its Weiner was looking for more than just a Huma in a relationship.